Tara Butcher

Tara was struck by an oncoming car at 72mph in a catastrophic pedestrian auto accident, which resulted in a severe spinal cord injury and the amputation of her left leg below the knee. As a lifelong athlete, Tara was determined to live an active life.  With CAF’s past grant for a running prosthesis, she has been able to continue her passion despite her challenges. Tara has completed several triathlons, marathons, and recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

 “I always knew I could go one of two ways with this,” Butcher adds. “I could lie in bed, be depressed, not do anything, and take pain pills. Or I could fight—work out, try my hardest, and be the strongest and in the best shape that I can be. There’s no in-between with this. I chose to fight.” And run.