Whitney Small

At the age of 19 Whitney did her first Triathlon after being inspired by her older brother Rob.  She wanted to do everything he did. At first he was annoyed but now they push each other every year. She played multiple sports growing up but hated running and never biked or swam. As a personal trainer she loves to help others reach their goals as well as her own. Whitney also has a dream of one day opening a Dog Rescue and save lives of Homeless Dogs. For every race she is inspired by a bracelet she wears for her cousin, Corben.  Corben suffered from a spinal cord injury which left him paralyzed from the chest down. Everything she does, she does for him. The bracelet is a must-have race necessity.  Her greatest accomplishment was finishing her first Ironman in 12:15 while enduring a torn ACL which caused her to walk the last 13 miles! Whitney is a true example of an Active Angel!