A-Team athlete, Sabine Piras competes in US Olympic Marathon Trials

Congrats on your training and making it to the Olympic Marathon Trials! 
What do find is the hardest thing about training?
The hardest part about training is balancing it with an 8-5 job.  During the week, I have very limited windows in which I can train.  It had taught me a lot of discipline - when my alarm goes off every morning, I remind myself that only  hard work will get me to my goals.    
What are two things that make a great athlete? 
There are two components of being a good athlete: the physiological and the physical. If you don't believe in yourself, or you go into a workout with a negative attitude, you won't meet your performance goals.  Before any hard workout, I tell myself: Yes, I CAN do this and yes, I CAN run this pace.  Self-belief is underestimated, yet so so important to push past the hard barriers in training and races.
We would love to know how many training sessions you get in per day! 
I usually get in two workouts a day - one before work, and one after.  Running can put a lot of stress on the body, especially if you're new to the sport. That's why cross-training is SO IMPORTANT.  You can build strength and endurance through swimming, biking, Pilates and yoga - not just running.  A lot of people get injured training for their first running event because they do too much too soon.  You have to be patient with your training.
If you have any advice for all the new and seasoned runners about there, what would it be? 
I also cannot stress enough about the importance of PRECARE versus REPAIR.  Your body is like a car - you need to get it routinely maintenance either through massages, active release therapy (ART), acupuncture, and stretching and rolling should be part of an athlete's daily routine!  Take the time and effort to take care of your body, because the consequences of an injury are far worse!
Upcoming races: 
Marathon Olympic Trials - Saturday, February 12 
Livermore Half Marathon - Saturday, March 26
Boston Marathon - Monday, April 18
Ironman Wisconsin 140.6 - Sunday, September 11
 I'm excited to switch gears after Boston and start training for the full ironman!   



>  I'm excited to switch gears after Boston and start training for the full ironman!