Featured Athlete - Ondrya Leavitt

Posted: May 27 2014

Forming a valuable All-Female Team was no easy task! But when thinking of people who would best represent everything Alii Lifestyle stands for, we think of Ondrya Leavitt.

Ondrya is a 3rd grade teacher and an Indoor Cycling Instructor at her local YMCA. When asked about what inspires her, she mentions her first coach, Michelle Starkey. “After that, I met a string of female athletes that embrace their body, limitations, and age and just GO FOR IT! I want to inspire women my age, above and below, and teach them you CAN DO IT!”

Although Ondrya was active in high school, life happens with college and marriage. Her active lifestyle changed drastically, which led her to a life altering heart attack at the young age of 39. “After that I vowed to get my life back. I started attending a boot camp by Jake Glaze, did a weight loss challenge, then started training with his wife, Michelle Starkey, an Elite Triathlete.”

She did her first Duathlon, and won 1st place in her respective Age Group. “I was hooked!” 2 weight loss challenges later and she started training with Carlyn Angela Blevins and got hooked into Indoor Cycling, and quickly became an Instructor. Doing this led to more training and oppurtunities. “I got into the Pulse Endurance Tri Team and committed myself. I conquered my first ocean swim and have not looked back since, only forward. My acceptance with Active Angelz has cemented my relationship with Triathlon. Praying my body cooperates, this year 2014 will be the BEST!”

Here are some fun things about our A Team Ambassador, Ondrya Leavitt:

Training Schedule: 3-5 days a week, always shoot for 5

Favorite Race: Encinitas Duathlon, Chula Vista Challenge Olympic Distance

Goals for 2014: To podium of course! Maintain weight, with the help of Tamara Renee, to bond more with our Active Angelz Team, and to race injury-free

Race Supersitions: No sex the night before (Need my Mojo), MUST have nails match outfit

Key 5 Race Essentials: Alii Lifestyle Gear of course! Matching Nails, a good visor, a good transition location, and NO WORRIES.


Race Schedule:

  • May- Spring Sprint Triathlon
  • June- San Diego International- Sprint Triathlon
  • July- Solana Beach/Active X, Duathlon
  • September- Tri Rock, Triathlon
  • October- Mission Bay Triathlon
  • October- Espirit De She- Sprint Triathlon
  • TBA- Chula Vista Challenge- Olympic Relay Triathlon