Fit VS. Skinny: What’s In Now?

Posted: Jul 03 2014

Five years ago the only built women you saw were assumed to be athletes. When you think back 5 years ago, what was the average women “striving” to look like? Skinny. What about now? Fit. Women are now training more like athletes, rather then training to look like super models that belong on a runway. Don’t get me wrong, we still want to look as perfect as hitting the runway. We all workout for a reason, to get or stay in shape! What we have realized over the years, is that eating more (healthy foods), training harder (for shorter more intense periods), and not getting on the scale is what will give us results in the long run.

As women we always want to judge the number on the scale as telling us if we are in shape or not. I am here telling you this is NOT the way! Being fit is a lifestyle. By changing the way you think, train, and eat your whole goal will fall into place. Being fit means you have to work hard. There are many benefits to being fit. For example women with an overall healthy lifestyle reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, increase longevity, strengthen bones, decrease the risk of cancer, and suffer less from metabolic issues.

Crossfit training has become huge over the years! Crossfit training is the method of combining several different workout strategies for one workout session. Crossfit is an intense workout that works your entire body for short periods of time. These women are lifting like bodybuilders, metabolic conditioning, short sprinting, and showing off their old gymnastic skills. As women they are embracing the new fit movement. In the gym, on the beach, or in the streets its more common to see women with toned bodies.

Women triathletes have gained numbers over the years as well. Only 35 years ago Lyn Lemaire was the first woman to complete the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. These woman train hard to be able to swim, bike and run over 140 miles. Not all races are this long, but these women still have to do it all! Their bodies are getting pushed to the limit. This calls for woman made of serious self discipline and muscle! So, why are more women picking this sport up? Because being fit is in! Pushing yourself to do things you never dreamt possible, is now looking more and more realistic for women.

So join the movement, if you haven’t already. Buy those “short” shorts. Wear a bikini to the beach. Try a new workout. Give up diets. Stop judging yourself by the number on your scale. Set a goal. And become FIT! I promise you will love yourself 100% more, your mood will boost and you’ll be happy in your own skin! Because let’s face it when skinny was in, we were never as “skinny” as we wanted to be, but we can be as fit as we want to be.


By: Holly Kravetz