10 Reasons to Start Running

Posted: Jul 26 2014

Reasons to Start Running… TODAY

There are some people (like our CEO) who will wake up at 5 A.M. to get in that morning run. But for the rest of us, the thought of waking up that early for a run vs. staying in bed......mmmmmm....... Bed will always win!

But, we all need to start somewhere, and maybe 5 A.M. is not the place for us new runners, but today can be the day. The benefits to running are endless and current researchers continue to add to the list. Not only does running encourage a healthier lifestyle (which means a longer life) it also produces a natural “high”. The rush of endorphins from your body to your brain actually boosts your mood. If you don’t believe the research, just try it. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need to start running today!

Better Night’s Sleep: Isn’t it crazy how the most faithful runners will wake up at the crack of dawn to go running? I’ll let you in on their secret: They are getting a better nights’ rest then most of the population. Why? Running encourages a better quality sleep and most runners adapt to a sleeping routine to keep their performance higher.

  1. Explore: Running doesn’t have to be done solely on a treadmill. It can be done in the park, at an outdoor or indoor track, on the beach, in the streets (on the sidewalk of course) - anywhere you can think of you can probably run there. You can even run on vacation!
  2. Mental Health: Runner’s “high” is no joke. The brain releases endorphins, which will increase your happiness and overall mood. This has been tested time and time again. Some people have reported missing that “high” after not running for a period of time. Running is even used by mental health experts to help treat clinical depression and other psychological disorders such as drug and alcohol addiction.
  3. Live Longer: Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a vampire (minus the blood sucking part)? Live longer, run all the time. Runners have less disabilities, lower rates of colon and breast cancer, and it’s proven they actually live longer. Even though the distance of running decreases with age, the benefits of running stay the same.
  4. Save Cash: Lets face it, who doesn’t love saving money? All you need for running are sneakers. No gym membership. No equipment. No yoga mat. Just the open road and your shoes pounding on the ground.
  5. Boosts Memory: Exercise has been proven to reduce symptoms of dementia. If you exercise early enough you might reduce your risk, especially if it runs in your family. It’s also proven to improve memory over all.
  6. Improve Self-esteem: Most runners love to run outside. This is actually creating a proven post-workout boost to the self-esteem, being in the fresh air and all the benefits that come along with working outside. For example, vitamin D from the sun and healthier lungs.
  7. Feel Better: Exercise boosts the sex drive and will have you feeling more confident. What runner doesn’t look amazing? Running will also improve your flexibility, which your partner will enjoy!
  8. Stronger Core: Running improves your core, as well as: Posture, strengthened limbs, and helps daily routines seem possible. Running will give us the energy to make it through the day because our muscles will be strong enough to carry us.
  9. Work Towards A Goal: Everyone needs a goal! In running it’s always possible to set a goal and reach it! It is possible to improve. It is possible to become the best runner you can imagine yourself becoming. So sign up for the next coming race in your town and start running. You can do it. You will not be disappointed!

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By: Holly Kravetz