A fuel plan for any distance, and see what our A Team uses for their race nutrition!

Posted: Aug 03 2014

Your fuel plan can make or break your race don't be caught in the list of
DNF athletes because of simple tweaks and this should be practiced early on
in your training. There are solutions for any distance.

Here are some simple things you can do to make it not seem like such a
feat. First easy rule is to break it up!!! Chunk your race via time or

Breakfast is Key: Time your breakfast 2-3 hours before your race, nothing
new race day, and nothing heavy the night before. Carbo loading should
happen the entire week. Not just the day before for proper glycogen stores.

Break it up: Break your race up in blocks. For long distances like 70.3
or 140.6 distances, on the bike for example...for 56 miles (for 112 distance
double the mileage below)- give your self 15-30 minutes to settle in on the
bike and slowly build to your comfortable place. The first block is the most
important. If you push too hard too soon you will affect your overall race
and you may get GI issues early on. It's true that slow and steady wins the

During miles 5-15: take in calories on a steady basis, this is where
you do not want to get behind even though you feel you don't need
anything-continue the plan!

During miles 15-30: continue calories and add more water to any
concentrated electrolyte or carb-loaded drinks you may have, continue your

Miles 30-55: continue drinking 12-24 ounces ever hour. Start to settle
your stomach with only liquids during that last hour on the bike and get it
settled and ready for the run. There's nothing worse than running on a full
stomach or feeling that "slosh" inside.

Marathon Run: To avoid GI issues try to use only liquid calories on the
run via fuel belt with your pre-mixed drink or course provided drinks if you
have trained on them. Maintain calorie intake.

Miles 1-8: settle in walk jog to shake your bike legs out.

Miles 8-16: don't forget your calories via drinks/liquid. Gels if you have
trained on them. Add water in between.

Miles 16-24: If you are dragging, start to take in small bites of food
from the course every 1-2 miles. Run to every aid station, then walk through
get what you need, then run to the next station.

Markers and Mantras: Use markers, such as, a bush, a tree, a line on the
sidewalk to tell yourself, "Ok, I am going to run to the tree, then to the
bush, then cross the line on the sidewalk" chant motivational sayings in
your head, repeat names of loved ones, repeat names of people you want to
thank for getting you there. Keep your mind focussed on other things to get
you past whatever pain you are feeling.

Natural Forms of Nutrition: More athletes are turning towards more
natural forms of nutrition that are more easily digestible. Our A Team
Nutritionist, Tamara Renee DNA, suggests using these following foods to
keep you locked and loaded on the bike while providing healthy real food

  • Sweet potato with ghee or coconut oil and sea salt
  • Packets of almond butter or coconut butter
  • Add sea salt to your water for added minerals
  • Roasted seaweed for minerals and sea salt.

Here are also some of our A Team Recommendations for their race Nutrition:

  • Ignite Naturals "their gels are so delicious and do not upset my stomach, they have a good consistency too which helps me feel satiated"
  • Picky Bars "Triathlete Jesse Thomas came out with this gluten free bar that are the perfect size and consistency to eat on the bike"
  • Ignite Naturals In Pure Carbs
  • Osmo Nutrition for Women "new to the market for women and has more potassium to help PMS cramping. The light mango after taste, tastes like real mango!"
  • Carbo Pro Non-GMO "so glad this version came out and is a staple for any long distance athlete to add what you need without all the additives"
  • Bonk Breakers "gluten free and PB&J on the bike is a given"
  • Pro Bar Chews "made with caffeine from yerba matte, organic, all flavors taste great, and packs 180 calories per package"
  • Fluid "so light that it mixes clear and the taste is very light also, has everything I need"