Where to Wear Your Alii Lifestyle This Weekend

Posted: Aug 27 2014

Hit the Farmers Markets: As a local business, we love to support other local businesses. This is why, you will always catch at least one of our staff/ team members picking up all the essentials at farmers markets. Nothing’s better then all the original jewelry, and fresh organic produce!

Night on the Town: It’s always fun to hit the downtown San Diego on the weekends with a bunch of girl friends. Gaslamp District is fun to let loose and put your dancing shoes on. You can also stroll downtown enjoying the shops and restaurants.

Splash at the Beach: With our amazingly colorful swimsuits, who wouldn’t want to hit the beach to get your tan on. You can absorb those vitamin D rays and feel the positive vibes run through your body. Take a dip in the water, lay out, or read a book whatever suits you!

Dinner Date: After a long busy workweek, a nice dinner date with the significant other is always nice! In San Diego there are so many delicious food choices, we make the outfit easy with our beautiful dress or ruched skirt.

Picnic at the Park: It has been the perfect summer weather for a picnic with some friends. You can lay back in the grass and watch the clouds pass by. It’s a place to bring homemade snacks and enjoy the company of your friends or family, while enjoying the outdoors!

Hike the Trails: One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is exercise out side. Hiking it a relaxing way, to enjoy scenery and the company of others while still breaking a sweat. Hiking is fun and can always be different because you can choose if you want to be biking through the forest, climbing mountains, or walking along beach.