Your Perfect Sports Bra

Posted: Sep 27 2014

First let me start off by saying all women are shaped differently and therefore we should NOT all be wearing the same kind of sports bras. On the other hand, there are so many different styles, I’m sure most women are unaware of most of the things that they should be looking for in a sports bra!

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong kind of sports bra for their body shape? Crazy, right? You may have questions like, What is the best material, how often should we replace our bras, what size should they be and should we wear different sports bras depending on the activity? Fear not for today, I have all your answers.

Moisture-wicking fabric will dry quickly and leave you feeling clean and not dripping in sweat. If your sports bras are active daily/weekly (meaning you wear and wash them weekly), most last between 6-8 months. You should always try to hang-dry your sports bras as this will guarantee a longer life span. If a bra becomes loose or the material starts wearing you should throw it away. Your sports bra size should be the same size as your regular bra IF you are wearing the right bra size! HINT: Go and get properly fitted for a regular bra, you’ll be glad you did!

Sports bras should fit you snugly, but not put tension on arms or shoulders. This allows your breast to stay compressed and comfortable. Most people think they need to be a size smaller, but research has proven time and time again that this is an incorrect statement. Yes, different sports bras are necessary for different activities. A pull-over sports bra can be worn for low-impact sports such as yoga and walking. A sports bra with compression and encapsulation should be worn for high-impact activities such as running or playing sports.


Compression: Compression bras are the most common. These are better for A-B cups, but do not give the support needed for bigger breasts. It is designed to flatten the breast against the chest, minimizing movement. They should be worn for low-impact to moderate impact activities.

Encapsulation: This is a sports bra with individual cups. These are better for larger breasted women. These types of bras limit the cross over movement and strain on breast. Encapsulation bras are worn for high-impact activities and can be beneficial to all cup sizes at a high activity level.


Racerback: This is the style that crosses over in the back, which tightens the bra to the body and provides support. These are better for A-B cups.

Wide Straps: This is more like an everyday bra. These are suggested for larger-breasted women because they can be adjusted. Wide straps also help distribute the weight without pulling on your shoulders.


Pull Over: These are more commonly seen for smaller breasted women. They can become looser more quickly. They are usually used for low impact activity. These are typically the bras you find in built in clothing.

Back Clasp: These are better for larger breasted women because you can tighten the clasp, making the bottom tighter to hold breast in place. The bottom of the bra is where 80% of the support comes from, so it is important to have it form fitting.

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