Posted: May 13 2015


This simple move can be done in the easiest position…sitting down! The correct way is to sit down and tilt slightly back until you feel your sit bones. It’s here on your sit bones that you can maintain balance. If you feel wobbly it is probably because your hips are slightly off, or lack some flexibility. Most of you know your issues already so don’t be surprised if it takes a little bit to get your balance!

After sitting on those sit bones, be sure to relax the shoulders while drawing the belly button inward and down. As you slowly lift your legs off the ground you can have knees slightly bent, or knees straight. It is all about progression, you have to start somewhere! Once your legs are extended it is here that you can slowly reach forward and hold. While holding, squeeze the knees the core, the arms so everything is TIGHT.

Gently lower slightly to a point that is comfortable, the slowly lift those that are more advanced you can start from laying flat on the ground and lift upper and lower body together.

Leave one foot on the ground and alternate
Leave one leg extended on the ground and alternate

Lay fully extended on the ground and lift everything up in unison
Grab a light dumbbell by the ends and gently lift above head on the ground and lift, as you rise up lower the weight directly infront of chest with arms extended.

Muscles worked:
Core, lower back