Consider the Source-Asking for Advice!

Posted: May 07 2015

Consider the Source

May 06, 2015 -by Joanna Trailov -A-Team Ambassador-Yogi-

Who do you turn to for advice? Would you ask an accountant questions on nutrition? Do you ask your your man-hating best friend how to work thinks out in your relationship? Human nature leads us to what we need... but it's amazing how we can manipulate the odds ,) How often do we ask someone something... hoping to hear a specific answer? What I'd like you to consider is the "source." When asking a question, take into consideration who you are asking and why they are giving you the answer which they have. What determines if thier answer is valid? And can it be applied to YOU? FOR INSTANCE: often times you may hear trainers give advice on nutrition and rely on the message about eating high protien. Well, consider the source. If the trainer's standpoint is based on eating that protien for muscle gain, than sure that would apply. But is that YOUR goal alone? Another thing I hear is "carbs are bad...I don't want to eat carbs, I am trying to lose wieght." Well, how is that working for ya? Do you know that there are carbs that are really good for you and can aide to weight loss? Do you know the difference between "good" carbs and "bad" carbs? When to eat them and not? Or how about this one..."lifting heavy weights will make me big and bulky." Well, there are many points of view you will hear. Especially in the fitness and wellness industry. There are a plethora of Guru's and an entire section of books and magazines that will offer you different ideas and philosophies on what to do and how to do it. In fact, the demand for this status is quite abundant. God help you if you need advice in the relationship department ,) My advice: Consider the source. Keep in mind that people will give you an answer based on what life has taught them and they have been led to believe. With high regard and deep compassion acknowledge that and take what YOU need from it. Integrate it into your life and see how YOU feel about it. You don't have to go by everything everyone says... unless it feels right for YOU. BELIEVE NOTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED IT... become your own Guru ,) A source you can consider with high regard. Unless of course, you're not in a good place. Well...that's a whole other blog. and...exhale-

Printed with permission by Joanna Trailov