When life is an obstacle course...keep going!

Posted: May 15 2015

When life is an obstacle course...keep going!.......

ALL things are possible in May!

By A-Team athlete Nicole Akins (www.seenicrun.com)

Four times a week, I teach physical education at one of our local elementary schools here in San Diego. This week, the kids did an obstacle course that involved jumping over hurdles, weaving through cones and crawling under the ball of fire...aka...one big colorful parachute that the kids shook up and down. The kids had a blast and I loved watching them run, jump and laugh through each challenge.

One thing that was extremely important to me was how the kids handled the hurdles. I wanted them to not only be safe but not to be scared to jump. Some kids flew right over the hurdles while others struggled and wanted to give up. Those who struggled, I decided to encourage more. If they attempted to jump and the hurdle fell behind them, I would scream KEEP GOING...DON'T STOP! When they realized I was watching them and believed in them, their eyes grew with determination. They would smile at me, successfully jump every hurdle and complete the course.

Life can be a very interesting obstacle course with hurdles, cones and big balls of fire to challenge us. These challenges (good or bad) are not placed in front of us to make us weak. They are there to make us strong, smart and ready to fight the good fight when the next challenge comes our way. Once we understand that, giving up is not an option. I have been given a few hurdles to jump, a couple of cones to weave through and definitely more than one big ball of fire to crawl under. Yet, I always make it to the other side. I'm usually a little injured, beat up and burned but definitely smarter and more aware.

If there are hurdles in your life, jump over them. If you fall, get up, shake it off and keep going. Do not look back and worry about the hurdles you may have knocked down. If your heart is in the right place and you have given all that you've got, you will finish the course and be prepared for the next challenge.

Keep jumping, my friend.

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