Ironman 70.3-Less than a week to go

Posted: May 24 2015

It's less than a week to go before I will be racing in Kona- one of my favorite places-in the Ironman 70.3. I'm also excited to say that Alii Sport will be featured at the Race expo, partnering with one of our favorite retailers, Bike Works!

Of course, our name, Alii, has it's roots in Kona, making it an even more meaningful experience.

My journey to this race has been rather unusual. Usually, I get into the training, I feel myself getting stronger, I get inspired, motivated, confident and I start to feel the race. This time, however, that did not happen.... For months I felt like I was simply going through the motions. My body was constantly tired and I was doing all my workouts without any passion and energy. Very unlike me. Luckily, my amazing coach Felipe Loureiro kept me on track and had me reporting in daily for some pep talks. I have to admit that at some point I even considered not racing as ' I was just not feeling it!'
This week, something changed.....suddenly, those workouts became fun. Instead of dreading them, I could not wait to get out on my bike. Last week as I rode towards LA..a one way trip where I was planning to ride as far as I felt like going, became a fun and exciting journey. I felt free, energized and when I finally stopped in Long Beach, 83 miles felt like nothing and I could have kept going all day.

On Thursday morning I had a really hard interval run to on my schedule. I play tennis every Thursday morning at 6 am in la Jolla and I have been regularly running on the beach after my tennis game. It was a beautiful, cool morning in La Jolla, the tide was low and the beach was spectacular. I was hesitant, nervous, wanting to do this workout just as I had been instructed but unsure of myself. So, I took off down the beach towards Del Mar and as I fell into the familiar rhythm! I started to feel my body! I relaxed and I just knew I could do this.... And I did... 2 mile warmup followed by 6x1 mile intervals with a 1 minute rest inbetween. Yes, I nailed it and I felt great.
What a confidence builder, what a sense of achievement I felt.

The moral of the story....sometimes, you may not feel it....but, just do what you know you should be doing. Believe in yourself, listen to your coach and most importantly, do your homework. The rest will come.

This is my Alii Lifestyle.

By Andi Neugarten

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