Suntan Lines-Who needs them?

Posted: Jul 17 2015

How to avoid suntan lines on race day

I recently raced in Sonoma at Vineman and in Kona, Hawaii. It was sunny and hot with temperatures in the high 80's and 90's. The races were long. Kona started at 7 am which mean that we would be out in the burning sun until at least 12.30-1.30 pm. Vineman started at 8.15 for me, meaning even more sun eposure!.That's a long time! And I am neurotic about sunscreen and suntan lines. Like everything, sunscreen just takes a little planning and preparation. Here's my list that will ensure you avoid sunburn and unsightly tan lines ( or race tattoos as we call them :) ).

1. As you wake up, apply sunscreen all over your body. Use a waterproof spray. At least uv50. and make sure that someone helps you. Get your back, your arms and your legs, especially the back and sides. Let it dry.

2. Apply a second coat of creamy sunscreen. I love the Zealious brand.
It's natural and has great protection. Be sure to cover your face and the back of your hands.

3. I always have a UV50 race bolero which covers my arms and shoulders in the race. Alii Sport ( makes a perfectly fitting bolero which also has thumbholes allowing your hands( the first place that shows sunspots and aging) to be covered as well.

4. Before you swim, cover your lips with a UV protective lip balm.

5. As you exit the water from the swim, run through the showers and rinse the salt( if it was an ocean swim) off your body. Then, take the 20 seconds to run through the sunscreen aid station and apply more sunscreen on your legs, arms, shoulder and face. Don't worry about how you look! I can assure you... A white body through the bike and run is nothing compared to a sunburnt body!

6. As you get to T1 throw your bolero on! 

7. During the bike, move your bike shorts a little every hour or so... Pull the leg up a little and then back down. This will prevent a solid tan line on your leg.

8. Make sure to apply a little more sunscreen on your face as you hit T2 and always, always wear a hat on the run!

9. Finally, after the race..... Swim, shower, asap.. Get out of your wet, maybe salty? and sweaty clothes and put on more sunscreen with a t shirt, bikini..... Whatever you might be wearing for the race afternoon festivities. But don't stay in your race kit and spend more hours in the sun perfecting your burn/ tan lines and race tattoos!

Race, train, live- wear Alii Sport.

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