Tis The Season: Gift Alii

Posted: Dec 13 2014

As the holidays quickly approach, we are reminded of all the things we love about this time of year – family, food, lights, hot chocolate, long snuggles, and gifting! Is there any better feeling then giving someone the perfect gift?

But, the holiday season also makes it hard to stay focused on our workout schedules. We have holiday parties to attend. We have friends and family we haven’t seen all year coming together. We’re traveling back to our hometowns to visit family and old friends.
This is the only time of year where it is acceptable to go back for thirds on desserts. Our plates are piled high with turkey and stuffing, and the leftovers are endless! We are usually drinking wine or mixed drinks with our meals rather than water.

This year can be different. You can be the one to make the change. You can still enjoy the holidays without over indulging.

What if after that big meal the whole family went on a walk and enjoyed each other’s company? And what if we gave workout clothes as gifts this year? People love using their gifts as soon as they receive them. Right? Alii Sport can be worn on so many different occasions. They are comfortable, fashionable, and our fall/ winter line is warm! We all know half of people’s New Years resolutions are to get back into the gym or start working out more. We can be the ones to motivate them with a stylish new workout outfit. Everyone wants to feel good while looking good. We can be the change this year. Let’s give the gift of a healthy lifestyle, one with fashion and function.

Gifts aren’t only for giving to others. Self-gifting is becoming very big. Self-gifting is when we treat ourselves to something special. We splurge on our own wants during the holidays. The reasons why we do this? We know those sales will be great. We know that while shopping for others, we often want their gift for ourselves. When we save money on gifts for others, we feel like that’s money that can be spent on ourselves. During the holidays we are mentally more emotional, and treating ourselves feels right. In other words, don’t feel guilty about it – everyone is self-gifting. Give the gift of a new workout outfit to your self this year. Get it before the holiday season starts, and every time you see it or wear it, remember what you promised yourself this year – you are going to be the change. You are not going to lose track of your workout schedule this holiday season. You are not going to over indulge. You are going to enjoy the holiday season the right way this year, and spread a healthy lifestyle with your loved ones!

By: Holly Kravetz