Athlete of the Week-Tiffany Bell

Posted: May 19 2015

Tiffany Bell is an extraordinary lady. We are so proud that she is part of the A-Team. This is her inspirational story!



My ex committed suicide and I was a widow with a 3 and 1 year old. I was a corporate sales executive always on the road living and working to move up the corporate world. My life changed that night. The corporate life suddenly wasn’t as important. Trying to figure things out I started running as therapy as well as lifting weights. Fast forward several years and I was remarried and approaching 40. I decided I wanted to be in the best shape of my life and set a goal to complete a triathlon. The problem was that I didn’t know how to swim and didn’t know how to switch or use gears on a road bike. I stalked a triathlon club while I secretly trained to be able to train with them. Finally I mustered the courage and realized that triathlon was a lifestyle. My friends are pretty much all cyclists are triathletes. I meet new friends at every triathlon. I have friends that I keep in contact with that are in different states. It’s a bond that runs deep. My kids both compete in triathlon and cycling. I love how encouraging everyone is regardless of finishing time. Its a community unlike any other.

Here is my Alii…..

I am Alii. I live and play triathlon. I am healthy, strong, and determined to be better than yesterday. I used to run to escape problems, but now I run to find solutions. Weight lifting makes me feel powerful. I am not a Victoria Secret Angel. I have muscles and I relish being an Active Angel.

Work ethic, goal setting, and will power, are things I want to teach my children. They live and play triathlon with me. My daughter doesn’t need a bike mechanic. She is 11 and knows more about bike components and nutritional fueling than most adults. When I see my daughter or son watching me at a race; I know I must not stop and must give everything I have. They are watching my discipline in training and racing. I go faster so they will never give up when things get hard in life or in sport.

My body is not perfect, but I love what it can do and am thankful for the ability to swim, bike, and run where others can’t. Triathlon is a social lifestyle where everyone is welcoming and encouraging. I want to make a difference and bring others to the sport so they can live and play triathlon with me.


Tiffany, thanks for always posting great photos, inspirational quotes and for sharing about your life!