Milk: The Best Post Workout for Hydrating?!

You just got finished with an exhilarating workout, what do you reach for? A sports drink like PowerAde, a bottle of water or a glass of milk? If you say anything other than a glass of milk, you’re behind on the facts. Researchers report in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism milk helps the body retain fluid, making it the best post workout drink for athletes. Milk has a natural balance of sodium, protein, and carbohydrates to help the body recovery after a strenuous workout.

The aim of this study was to see if there was any serious difference in the hydration provided by a sports drink verses milk products. PowerAde was used for the sports drink and three milk products were used – cow’s milk, soy milk, and a milk- based meal supplement. Fifteen men participated in four rounds of cycling on separate days. Following the workout each member was given a different post workout drink. The participant’s blood and urine was tested to determine their level of hydration and nutrition.

The results – drinking milk based products promoted better fluid retention over PowerAde, and surprisingly, PowerAde had no effect on the volume of electrolytes for each athlete using the PowerAde. All milk based products were leading in hydration for a post workout in the comparison. The only negative was participants complained of bloating and fullness when drinking milk based products. The most appealing product was the PowerAde and the least appealing was the soy milk. With that 
being said, ratings of overall thirst did not differ between any 

Why didn’t water make the mix? Water is actually reported to be one of the worst post workout drinks. Drinking water after a tough workout actually causes a drop in sodium levels, making you more dehydrated. Cold water can empty from the stomach much faster then warm fluids, which is why drinking cold water feels good at the moment. In the long-run it’s just emptying your body of fluid.

So, next time you workout remember all the benefits of milk!
By: Holly Kravetz