Oceanside 70.3 Race Report - Lori Ligas

Lori Ligas is one of our Ambassador athletes. She is an avid triathlete with an amazing track record of being in the top 10% of her age group. Not only does she give back to the community, but as a competitive athlete, mother, and wife, she always makes time to encourage others on the course and does it with a smile. Here is her journey...

Lori Ligas  Oceanside Ironman 70.3  March 29, 2014

1. Swim - Started in the front, felt great the whole swim.  I had to maneuver through lots of people.  I was able to sight well and tried drafting on others along the way.  Swallowed some water too but no issues with getting swam over.  I felt like I was the one swimming over people (mostly Men). Swim time was slower than last year but with the water currents you never know what you are going to get.

2.  Bike - I felt great on my new bike. I was really enjoying my new Quintanaroo Ride.  I dropped my chain at one point on a climb and it got stuck in between my bike and the chain ring.  I was sad, I thought "darn, and I was doing so well"! A nice guy asked if I needed help and I said "YES!!"  So he stopped and got off his bike to assist me.  I don't think I would have been able to fix it myself.  He even had full gloves on so he didn't get all greased up like me. Then I was back to riding and feeling good but I knew that there was no way I could PR, especially since my swim time was slower than last year.  I felt like I would just make the most of it. As I continued on my bike, I encouraged others to keep it up or said Good job.

3. Run - I started off great running 8:20 pace the first few miles.  Then around mile 4 I started to slow down.  I thought just keep it under 9 min/ miles which I did for the next 4 or so.  Then I began to feel a lot of pain in my knees and IT bands which have been bothering me the last month of training.  I knew that my running has not been as fast as last year at this time, but  there was nothing I could do about it.  I again cheered other athletes on, encouraging them to hang in there and keep going.  I looked for other Active Angelz out on the course cheering them on too.  The run is great for that by doing 2 loops you see a lot of your friends.

4. Nutrition - I used my Ignite Naturals Electrolytes and the Reload liquid gels on the Bike and the Gels on the run.   They were great.  I had no stomach issues, no cramping.  I ate 80% of a Bonk Bar on the Bike just to make sure I had enough food for the run.

5. Not the fastest Transitions because the water was very cold I chose to dry off my body with a towel before heading out on the ride.  And for T2 I actually stopped to use the porta potty. 

6. My Active Angelz kit was amazing, it performs well with no chafing, dries quickly and just overall comfortable. I am so proud to be a part of this team and represent a product I truly believe in.


Overall, I felt I had a good race. I'm pretty sure I will sign up again next year.  You can't beat the revue and the convenience of the race.  All the volunteers were awesome.  They were so organized and efficient.  I was very impressed.  The best part of the race was the free 10 minute massage afterwards in the packet pick up building.  NO LINE NO WAITING.