Oceanside 70.3 Race Report - Candice Aquino

Yes I was nervous as this is my 1st Half Ironman distance. Didn't sleep much the night before the race. Kept thinking about how the water is going to be. Swimming is my weakest leg. I had to go through a lot to conquer my fear of deep water. Thinking of what could happen gives me anxiety. But I remember my boss and a friend who is a triathlete himself once told me to just keep on swimming forward no matter what. And of course think positive thoughts and calm yourself. "Fear is not real."

My swim time was an acceptable 44'. I went through obstacles from a hit on the face, got swam over, swallowed some nasty water, and almost got kicked. Not just that, half way back the glare of the sun blinded me and not being able to sight better as I was wearing a non polarized goggles. I just looked to see where everyone is going. Feeling dazed as I got out of the water and immediately ran to my bike. 

My T1 is bad as I didn't plan it well. Long 9:05 transition. Was undecided if I'm going to wear a bike jacket but might get too warm as the course progresses. I wasn't cold after the swim so I left without it, which I'm glad I did as I didn't want to stop for anything. I enjoyed the bike portion but still challenged by the last 3 hills and headwinds at the end of the course. It took me 3:18.

Then I arrived T2 feeling excited as it's the last leg and I will be seeing my friends and family cheering me on the course. Went immediately to my bike rack put my run gear on but had to stop the potty to pee :) lasted 3:15'

Running out and was pacing too fast. I enjoyed every loop as I see my husband, my two boys, and friends high-fiving and hearing loud cheers in the course. The volunteers were awesome as they were giving out food and drinks, they cheer for you as well. And the spectators around the neighborhood had their water hose on to give sprinkles to the runners as it was getting hot at the course. It felt great! Then you get the breeze at the ocean side I could've paced faster on my last mile and wasn't even aware of my time, but I was ready to finish.


It was a great race overall as I don't have anything to compare it with. The experience is amazing! I will do it again hoping for a sub 6. 

Official time 6:19. I did it!

It's a reality! 

Ironman California- achieved on 3.29.2014