Oceanside 70.3 Race Report - Sabina Piras

This is the 2nd year I have raced IM 70.3 California.  This was my first race in the 25-29 Age Group - the girls in this field really pushed me. I completed the bike in 2:48, 13 minutes faster than I had last year.  This is what I felt was my biggest accomplishment - I felt strong and consistent during the whole ride.  I completed the run at 1:35, 2 minutes slower than I had last year.  The run started off great, I was very pleased with my splits, but as the wind picked up, my pace slowed down.  I still managed to have the fastest run split in my division.  My finishing time was 5:09 (9 minute PR on this course) and placed 5th in my AG.

I will definitely race in IM 70.3 California again next year!  Nothing beats being able to ride on home turf, and having the best crowd support!

Things that didn't go so well:  

  1. The water temperature was freezing!  I had a hard time getting feeling back in my hands and feet during T1.  
  2. I lost my water bottle 10 minutes into the ride after hitting an unexpected bump.