It's cool to wear yoga pants to the office

Finally, it's pretty cool to wear yoga pants to work on the East coast! Well, that’s what we are reading in the press. The East coast…the uber cool and sophisticated city of New York... where suits have always been all the rage. An Armani suit was the entry level status symbol. Nobody would dream of wearing sweat pants anywhere outside of the gym, certainly nobody with any sense of style! For years it has been acceptable to wear athletic apparel to the mall or to lunch on the West coast but finally, this trend has become acceptable in the fashion capital of the World, New York City. Stamp of Approval? I'll say!

Articles that I have read show how people like to mix things up by wearing more formal clothing with a seemingly unlikely accompaniment: workout gear. A favorite outfit could be a pair of yoga pants with heels o4 a blazer and a retro T-shirt. How about some cool yoga leggings with a tank top and blazer paired with heels? Ultra cool.

The growing ranks of consumers like Woike with a penchant for pairing athletic wear with almost anything has turned baseball jackets, cashmere track pants, and even tailored men’s sweats into hot items. With activewear sales growing more than four times as fast as the overall $201 billion U.S. apparel industry, according to market researcher NPD Group, it’s not hard to see why so many designers showed so-called haute casual, or sports deluxe, clothes during New York Fashion Week in early February.

The fashion world has awakened to a trend that’s driven strong sales for the past couple of years: Increasingly, men and women are trading in jeans for sweatpants, yoga gear, and shorts and unapologetically wearing them anywhere and everywhere. “It’s huge,” reports Doneger Group, a New York-based researcher of industry trends. “It’s the new uniform.”