Brand DNA

Fashion Meets Performance

The Fashion of Sport!
Capturing the spirit of an athletic existence, Alii Sport by Active Angelz LLC is a beautiful dichotomy of femininity and function, stylish fashion with hardcore athleticism, all produced from the finest of Italian performance fabrics.

Undeniably functional, boldly fashionable and rebelliously feminine
Alii Sport is an Innovative Performance Based Sport Fashion Apparel Brand focused on Fashion and Performance. Founded in Southern California, the heart of Triathlon, Alii encompasses the core of athletic lifestyles.

Swim, bike, run or any of the other modern, fitness activities
Today’s enlightened female athlete demands a level of apparel design that allows her to prepare, compete and look her best within the world of “multi-sport”. Integrating the highest quality state-of-the-art fabrics, Alii Sport engineer’s technical garments that combine optimum comfort, support and elasticity with feminine style! This “femininity factor” comes from our choices of contemporary color palettes, Italian performance fabrics, slimming designs and the incredible fit that makes women feel powerful, confident and inspired. When women look and feel their best, they will perform their best - “while turning heads along the way.”

I am an athlete and a woman.
As an Athlete I want my clothes to be perfectly comfortable, fitting like a second skin, allowing fluidity of movement and providing muscular compression. As a Woman I want my clothing to make me feel and look beautiful.

Proudly Made in the USA
Designed and manufactured in Southern California, Alii Sport is proud to create jobs that benefit our local economy. Take pride in how you look, the way you train and compete…and made in the USA label!